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Rotterdam Katendrecht


In preparation is a photo essay on Katendrecht, that aims to illustrate how 'authenticity' ihas evolved and functions in a context of urban restructuring and gentrification.

Katendrecht is gradually inserted in the city centre through spatial and infrastructural interventions. Old housing has been replaced by new housing and derelict port premises such as warehouses and small industries, has been replaced by housing and buildings to accommodate new services like food and retail. More than half of the population of Katendrecht now consists of new inhabitants in mainly middle- and higher-income housing and this share is growing. It is gentrification (in a broad sense) at work. Visitor attractions such as SS Rotterdam (a former cruise ship turned into a hotel and experience centre), Deliplein food centre, and various cultural amenities have been developed and attract local, national and international visitors.


Many new residential complexes have been built and Katendrecht has many newcomers. 'This is authentic Rotterdam' has been one of the slogans. The municipality uses it, city marketing uses it, property developers use it. But what is authenticity? 

With Paul Rabé I study this question and an article should be submitted to a journal end of 2022.  Below a few photos - more to come. 

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